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what we believe

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We are Presbyterians.  
This means that…

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…we consider God sovereign.

We acknowledge one God whom we worship and in whom we put our trust. God is revealed in the Bible as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, the Son, is God incarnate (in human form) whose teachings we must hear and obey in life and in death. The Holy Spirit is the source of all right interpretation of scripture and guides our life. The three—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—cannot be separated from one another. 


We, therefore, speak of a triune God. This means that when we speak about one, we speak about the other two as well. There is no other god. God is almighty, the ruler of everything. God has no limits. 


Because of tradition, we refer to God as “he,” and “father,” but we know that God cannot be either masculine or feminine because that would indicate a limitation. God is spirit.

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…we recognize the Bible as authoritative.

The Bible has two parts, the Hebrew scriptures, which we call “Old Testament,” and the New Testament. Together, they represent God’s written word to us. They are the Holy Scriptures that attest to God—Father, Son, and Holy Ghost—and are authoritative in matters of faith and life.

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…we believe that we can be reconciled with God only through God’s grace.

We are aware that we are prone to be tempted and to give in to temptation. We accept lies as truth, act without considering the needs of others, and threaten death to the planet entrusted to our care. Thus, we act against God’s will and, as a consequence, are estranged from God.  


We do not believe that there is a way for us to reconcile with God through our own effort but that reconciliation is possible only through the grace of God. This grace is accessible to everyone through Jesus Christ.

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