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On Saturday, April 9, 2022, the day before Palm Sunday, Palo Duro Presbytery of the PC(USA) dedicated New Hope’s new building with the Executive Presbyter, the Reverend Dr. Scott Campbell, officiating at the Lord’s Table. Hosanna!

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New Hope was born when members of two congregations decided to join together.

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When, in 2012, the Presbyterian Church (USA) approved the ordination of homosexuals and allowed pastors and churches to perform same sex marriages, most members of a local PC(USA)  church were unable to agree with that practice. That church, therefore, left the denomination but retained control of the physical building.

A sizable number of the church’s members, who were dedicated to defending the rights of all people—regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation—and supporting their full inclusion  in church activities and leadership, found themselves without a place to worship.

Neighboring Fain Presbyterian Church invited them to meet in its building, and they constituted themselves as New Covenant Presbyterian Church. The members of New Covenant had chosen love, and the Fain congregation encouraged and supported them in their choice.

Members of both churches would come across each other in the halls, smile at each other, talk to each other, participate in each other’s activities, and get to like each other, until they finally realized that they really got along awfully well. Eventually, the two congregations decided to merge and to found a new church with a new mission and a new sanctuary.

A task force prepared all the necessary papers, drafted the mission, and helped both congregations to find a new name, and on November 19, 2017, New Hope Presbyterian Church was born.

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