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Bon Voyage Rev. Don Stribling

On January 13th we honored Rev. Don and Denise Stribling for the love, guidance, and support they provided New Hope over the last 5 years.

Since becoming the Designated Pastor of New Hope in January of 2019, Don and Denise have been instrumental in the success of New Hope. Don guided the church thru no less than 5 different worship locations. Don’s leadership during the transition from Fain Presbyterian’s building, to using Trinity Presbyterian’s building during the COVID 19 pandemic, to using Christ United’s building and the Red River Dance Hall while awaiting the completion of our new facility, provided the stability we needed to persevere as a congregation. 

Don and Denise have been tireless workers with New Hope to help the congregation grow into the use of our new building. Denise could always be counted on to volunteer to help in any capacity. Both Don and Denise have been staunch supporters of the music program of the church and Don is a regular member of the Bass section of the sanctuary choir. Don and Denise will be sorely missed as Don retires from active ministry and they move to Georgia.


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